Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Honduras Team Blog!
This site is for everyone interested in learning about the Honduras mission trip and the awesome team who is going! You can check out some of our older posts to see how we've been preparing for the trip and check back to this site often to see updates on our plans and then updates during the adventure!

I'm pumped that we've got 18 people heading to Honduras to make a difference by building Latrines. If you don't know what a Latrine is...join the club! I'm working on finding a picture of one, but for now...I'll just explain. Latrines are basically big cement out-houses. We'll be providing the first restroom facilities these communities have ever seen. Pretty crazy, uh? Makes you re-think your next trip to the porcelain seat.... :)

Dennis, Judi, Jessica, Dani, Amber, KC, Justin, Heather, Nathaniel, Patrick, Jeff, Ian, Trevor, Tommy, Chris, Nigel and JR - I am so excited to head out on this adventure with you! Oh, and I want to know why you want to go...so start blogging! Share your story!

Lastly, several people have asked how they can support the team. There are three primary ways you can support us:

1. PRAY! Pray for the team - that final preparations will go smoothly, we will have safe travel and be safe while working. Pray for the community we will be working in and for - that lives will be changed...through toilets!

2. Donations! We are looking for kids toys, pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc. to take with us to share with the kids in the local communities. If you want to contribute these supplies, contact Jessica (v-jess@microsoft.com).

3. Financial Support: If you are interested in supporting the team financially, you can make checks payable to Medical Teams International and send them to:

Medical Teams International

C/O Emily Hill

PO Box 10

Portland, OR 97207

In the note portion of the check, please include: Honduras Trip ID #090221HOWK

What else do you want to know? Tell us and we'll do our best to answer!

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