Friday, February 27, 2009

We have internet!

We’re back in the hotel in Honduras. First internet in 5 days….I apologize for the delay in updates, but let me tell you…

Everything is more than I imagined….our living conditions are far worse than I imagined, the work is harder than I expected and the children are more lovable than I could have imagined. See, even though I should be prepared for this trip, it’s still so much more than I imagined.

I’m proud of this team. They have worked hard, they loved fully and they have been changed. See anyone can work hard – pouring concrete, building forms, attaching walls and screwing together metal braces. But it takes a willingness to allow the work to affect you. To get to know the person you are working alongside of….not just their name, but a little piece of their story. The team has done that and then some.

So, for the majority of our stay, we’ve been deep in Honduras….and by deep, I mean 6 hours in the back of a pick up truck far away from the city, on dirt road that would qualify as a decent hiking trail in the states. We had electricity – but that’s it. No running water, no internet…..oddly, cell phones (ah, the benefits of commercial competition – thanks Digi-Cell, Tigo and Claro for enabling cell service even in the more remote parts of Honduras in search of profit ☺). We took “showers” with buckets of cold water, we woke up at 3am with the roosters and we fell asleep exhausted every night. It’s certainly been an adventure….

The team will start posting to this blog with their personal stories in the next few days, but I thought I’d give you a taste of the adventure. While building cement forms, the team heard some commotion and watched as a bull, in the middle of a “branding” escaped. The locals tried to stop the bull, but unsuccessfully. Before they knew it, the bull was running directly toward the team, who was standing in a narrow alley – let’s just say, we learned that Tommy has a 6 foot vertical jump, Nathaniel would not have been a successful matador and Patrick has got speed! For the moms and significant others reading this, don’t worry – no one was injured!

To everyone who has financially and prayerfully supported the team – THANK YOU! Now, enough from me….team, let’s go – share your story!


kcroson said...

Thank you for posting! I will be praying for your safety. Also, for your physical and emotional strength. Thank you team for your willingness to show up and show Gods love. May you be blessed 100 fold. Kathy

Brian said...

Amazing! Thanks for the update and for all your entire team is doing!

Sweina said...

Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to hear everyones stories!!