Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why don’t I always listen to God?

I’ve been asking myself that question this week, because I am again totally and completely humbled by what God’s doing with me and with my friends.

I listened when God said, “Lead a team to Honduras.” And then I opened the Group catalog at EastLake this weekend and saw that ½ of the Honduras team are leading summer Groups…and for 3 of them, it’s their first time! Or maybe that two team members are signed up for fall Go! Groups, dispensing hope in other parts of the world. God is still working…from just one tiny step of obedience.

I listened when God said, “Invite her to your Activity Group.” And then, literally 3 minutes later, my friend (who is not into the baby Jesus or religion) signed up. How will her life change this summer by participating in a Group?

See, these stories are cool, but the scary part is the hundreds of seconds every day when I'm so busy, and NOT listening to God. The times when I ignore that still, small voice calling me, all in favor of loud music, a busy schedule, and a hectic social life. I claim to live a life that is bankrupt to Jesus, but as I honestly look around, I see savings accounts for myself all over the place – my friends, my family, my stuff, my job, my position. Which brings me back to the question, why don’t I always listen to God?

What would happen in my life if I made every effort to hear God’s voice and not my own?

If I put Jesus’ mission ahead of my ambition?

If I cared for the people who drive me crazy the way Christ cares for me?

If I listened to God’s voice and did whatever He asked.

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